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WEXAS was founded in 1970 as a travel club for student and expeditionary travel (the name stands for World Expeditionary Association). Since then WEXAS has grown into a multinational travel association with over 35,000 leisure and business travel members in nearly 100 countries.
Today the emphasis is still very much on providing members with information and personal service backed by innovation and technological investment.

Members tell us that they join WEXAS as much for our travel publications and expert advice as for the significant discounts and benefits on scheduled airfares and other travel services - in effect a unique combination of service, information and savings.

WEXAS lends support and financial assistance to Friends of Conservation and also Earthwatch, two environmental charities, in recognition of the concerns of both our Honorary Presidents and our members. We firmly believe that a love of travel must be combined with a positive interest in and responsibility towards the world in which we travel. For further information about


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WEXAS funded expeditions
Since WEXAS was founded in 1970 the Club has played an active part in supporting some of the many expeditions leaving Britain each year. In 2000 WEXAS helped fund two expeditions:
Cambridge University Expedition to Manu, Peru 2000
The team aims to investigate the interaction between the Yabashta Indians of Sereja and their environment by focussing on local logging practices. Using participatory methods to engage and empower local people, the team plan to study logging practices and forest resource-use, examine the potential for developing local markets, and study attitudes to resource-use.

Hunza 2000 Pakistan
The project involves an intensive survey of the diversity and ecology of insects of the Hunza region of Pakistan, In addition to medium-altitude valleys, the study area also includes high-altitude localities (to 17,000 feet) from the Sino-Pakistan border at Khunjerab, moving westwards to the biologically unexplored areas around the Mintika and Kilik Passes. This recently opened area has been closed to foreigners for more than 50 years. The results will greatly extend knowledge of Himalayan biodiversity, biogeography and origins of biotas, and will provide a baseline for future assessment of environmental stability or change. Recognition of areas of greatest species-richness will assist in future conservation planning.

The Royal Geographical Society administers the WEXAS awards and encourages geographical research and exploration by granting approval and financial support to expeditions with significant scientific content. Some £45,000 is distributed by the society each year to around 50 expeditions. To be eligible expeditions should have strong links with host countries institutions and the involvement of nationals from the host country in research is vigorously encouraged.
Royal Geographical Society