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  South American Explorers Club

South American Explorers is a non-profit organization. With clubhouses in Quito, Ecuador, and Lima and Cusco, Peru and U.S. headquarters in Ithaca, New York, the SAE collects and makes available to its members up-to-date, reliable information about Latin America.

  Aims and Purposes

South American Explorers is dedicated to:

Furthering the exchange of information among travelers and researchers
Promoting responsible travel through the publication of pamphlets, information packets, the internet, and our magazine, the South American Explorer
Publicizing projects aimed at improving social and environmental conditions in Latin America and collecting funds for their activities
Awakening greater interest and appreciation for the welfare of endangered peoples, wildlife protection, and wilderness conservation
Collecting information on volunteer and research opportunities
Fostering ties between non-profit organizations, NGO'S, and conservation groups

  General Membership Services

Members of the South American Explorers receive:

A one-year subscription (four issues) to the South American Explorer magazine.
Access to our clubhouses in Quito, Lima and Cusco - trip reports, luggage storage, book exchange, mail and e-mail service etc.
Discounts at a number of lodges, hotels, travel agencies, language schools, and guides in Peru and Ecuador.
Help and advice from the friendly, knowledgeable club staff when planning trips and expeditions. Members can do their own information searches at any one of our clubhouses or solicit information by phone, mail, e-mail. It helps if we know when you plan to travel, the size of your budget, your interests, the number of people in your group, your preferred type of transportation, and anything else that will guide us in providing you with the most useful and detailed information possible. As a rule, the more specific your questions, the better our answers.
Discounts on books, tapes, maps, and other goods available from the club's store.
Access to the club's libraries, map collections, scientific reports, magazine and newspaper articles, theses, and books.
Networking, the art of bringing like-minded people together. Members looking for travel companions or who wish to contact experts in various fields can post notices to the SAE electronic bulletin board, or on the bulletin boards in the Lima, Quito and Cusco clubhouses. They can also place classified ads in the South American Explorer (For the first 25 words: Members--(noncommercial) $10, (commercial) $30. Non-members--(noncommercial)$20, (commercial)$40. Each additional word is 50 cents).
Additionally, members can call upon the SAE staff for help when emergencies or other problems arise.
The club will receive donations of money or goods for research and allocate these to worthy projects. Gifts by donors are tax deductible

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