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The year 2001 marks the 21st year of the Ulysses odyssey. Throughout these years more than half a million travellers from Québec and the rest of Canada have discovered the world, thanks to the specialized services offered by Ulysses.


  Bookseller ...



Ulysses began the adventure as a bookseller and now has three bookstores in Montréal. More than 100,000 travellers a year seek out and discover the quality documentation and advice of this most wise of explorers. In an effort to respond adequately to the increasing needs of fellow travellers, Ulysses promptly set a course for new horizons and began importing from the four corners of the globe to offer the best selection of guides and maps in the country.


  Distributor ...

The odyssey continued, and the importation of books and maps led Ulysses into wholesale distribution. Today, the company has more than 2,000 customers throughout North America, each one charting a course for adventure thanks to the expertise and indispensable products available from Ulysses. Ulysses's wholesale catalogue lists more than 1,000 products from 15 countries.


  Publisher ...

Thus, the young Québec company had one last leg of the journey to complete to truly make a mark in the travel guide business. After 10 years of rubbing shoulders with travellers and booksellers, Ulysses headed off on another adventure, creating Ulysses Travel Guides in 1990. The last 11 years have been dedicated to building up a guide collection, which is today the pride of the company. The Ulysses Travel Guides catalogue consists of 90 titles in English and 100 in French.

Ulysses guides are available in countries throughout the world, including Canada, the United States, Great Britain, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Holland, Austria, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, Germany and Spain.

In this era of a global economy, Ulysses is proof that a young, dynamic and driven enterprise can take its place among the most influential publishers in the world. Ulysses would like to thank Sodec and canadian Heritage for their financial support which contributed greatly to the development of the first Canadian publishing company specialized in travel guides.

These first 21 years have left Ulysses eager to pursue the odyssey, to continue to develop the company's different business sectors. The challenges are many, but the thirst for adventure is as intense today as when the epic began.

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