Do’s & Don’ts for the guests of the Fernwehtreffen


Blocked areas and the park right from the approach road are absolutly TABOO!

Parking is not allowed along the approach road.

At the left side of the castle-ruin the underground is good for tents and small vehicles like VW-busses…

Dogs have to be hold on the leash, the animal park is just in front of the castle. Bin liner for dogs business you´ll get at the announcement and you can throw it into the dustbin at the walk beside the animal park.

It is allowed to sell privat, used and special things for travelling in front of your own car, but not more than a table of 3 m length, if there is enough space around by the view of the organizer.

If your car has a problem with leaking motor oil, please put something under it – protect nature and save money!

Please take your rubbish back home. Bin liner you´ll get at the announcement.

The announcement is open between 9 to 22 o´clock.

It is possible, that fotos of the meeting can be published.

If you don´t comply with the rules, you can get banished from the place.


Practical hints


Advance reservation is not required!

Reservations on the ground for friends for not more than 3 vehicles can be made, if there is enough place, but have to be paid at once.

Privat grillfire must be operated at least 25cm above the ground.

You´ll get warm meals, beer and coffee/cake at the place. Nearby in the village you´ll find butcher, bakery and supermarkets. You can get water at the corner of the house.

You can empty your camping-toilet at the Aral filling station, just 3km away. Please do not use our toiletcar, cause the pit could flow over.

Infos to the swimming bath you´ll get at the announcement.


Yours Sonja


Sonjas Fernwehtreffen
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